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Each year, winter brings the risk of major storms. Seasonal weather may mean heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, ice, and strong winds, creating hazardous conditions and impacting daily life. Being ready for a storm helps ensure the safety and well-being of your family and property. Here are a few helpful ways to prepare for a winter storm.

Prepare Your Home for a Winter Storm

1. Stay Informed

Keeping informed of the forecast is the first step in preparing for a winter storm. Pay attention to reliable weather sources and updates from meteorological services. Use weather apps, listen to the radio, and follow official news accounts on social media for timely information. Being aware of the storm’s trajectory and intensity will help you make decisions about your safety.

2. Create an Emergency Kit to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Prepare an emergency kit that includes essential supplies to sustain you and your family in case of a power outage. Here are a few important items to include in your kit.

  • non-perishable food
  • bottled water
  • medications
  • first aid supplies
  • flashlights and batteries
  • pet supplies
  • blankets and warm clothing
  • battery-operated radio
  • important documents (ID, insurance papers)
  • portable phone charger

3. Winterize Your Home

Take measures to protect your home from the impact of winter storms. Insulate walls and attics, seal windows and doors, and add weather stripping to prevent drafts. Verify your heating system is in good working order and have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned. Invest in a generator for backup power in case of an electrical outage.

4. Prepare Your Vehicle Before a Winter Storm Arrives

If you need to travel during a storm, make sure your vehicle is ready for the conditions. Keep safety essentials in your car, and make sure you have a full tank of gas in case you need to leave home.

  • snow chains or winter tires
  • ice scraper and snow brush
  • blankets and extra warm clothing
  • emergency flares
  • non-perishable snacks
  • portable shovel
  • kitty litter or sand for traction
  • fully charged phone and car charger

5. Stock Up on Supplies

Before the storm, stock up on essential supplies to last your family a few days. Purchase non-perishable food items, bottled water, and other necessities. Make sure you have an ample stock of medications, pet food, and baby supplies if needed.

6. Protect Outdoor Structures

Secure outdoor furniture, tools, garden equipment, and items that may become projectiles in strong winds. Trim tree branches that could fall on your home or power lines. If you have a propane tank, mark its location and clear a path for emergency personnel to access it if necessary.

Preparing for a winter storm requires foresight, planning, and proactive measures. Being ready for bad weather enhances your safety and well-being during the challenging winter months.

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